Bahasa Indonesia vs Bahasa Inggris

Ternyata Bhs Indonesia lbh simple dibanding Bhs Inggris…

English: “Would you please care to elaborate on that statement?” Indonesian: “MAKSUD LOH?!”

English: “I definitely won’t make it. You guys go and have fun without me.”
Indonesian: “Ntar gue nyusul.”

English: “your statement is already known by everybody else”.
Indonesian: BASI LO

English: “I couldn’t see the necessity of this conversation”.
Indonesian: GA PENTING boo

English: “I couldn’t think of any idea of where to go and what to do”. Indonesian: MATI GAYA

English: “I need to tell u something unfortunately still need to be confirmed on its validity”.
Indonesian: EHH..TAU GA SIH LO……(Nggosip)

English: “I coudn’t imagine what else could’ve happen”.
Indonesia: BUSET DAH !

English: “The conclusion which is not accepted”.
Indonesian: CAPE DEH!

English: “pardon me”
Indonesia: HAH?

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